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CommodityPage offers traders real-time trading recommendations across the entire spectrum of futures markets. There is an emphasis on the financial products (S&P 500, Currencies, Treasuries, Eurodollars), but CommodityPage will generate and send signals on any market where we sense there is a trading opportunity. When you choose CommodityPage you get a decade of professional experience and a nearly unhealthy obsession with the futures and options markets.

CommodityPage clients will receive between 1 and 5 text messages per day with specific trade recommendations. There are no "story lines" or "fluff" to these recommendations. These are plain and simple trading recommendations with precise entry and exit points.

CommodityPage has a technically driven methodology with an underlying design of trading contrary to market sentiment. Unlike other newsletters that provide pages of trading recommendations and discussion on the fundamentals of the markets, CommodityPage is designed to provide straightforward recommendations based upon our technical methods. We believe the fallacy of most newsletters, blogs, and web sites is the desire to fundamentally explain why it is a good time to buy or a good time to sell. It is our experience that the best times to buy are usually the time when things look more dire - and vice versa, the best time to sell is when the news is very good.

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